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Boeing 777 landing in rain- Cockpit view - HD

Описание материала:

This is a Boeing 777-300 automatic approach, manual landing.During approach you can clearly see the rain moving in over the runway.So I kept the autopilot on a bit longer than usual because I had prior experience years ago where the visibility reduce drastically in short final because the rain moved in so fast.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here is my channel description in case you missed it!...I'm an airline captain...I've been flying for the past two decades or more with around 18,000 hours....(over a decade in 777)I'm not the best pilot in the world...I'm still very far from that, I'm still learning something new everyday...My job isn't that hard...but at certain moments it wasn't easy either....But after all these years...I'm still very passionate about flying...... and that's all I can say about myself.So please do not ask 'what airline do I fly for?' or 'what airport is this?'. Some country has restrictions about taking photo or video and I'm protecting myself as well.So please just enjoy the video as is.I'm not promoting my airline or myself. I just want to share the flying experience.When I was young I was dying to see inside the cockpit but I never get any chance. So now that I can, I'm sharing my joy and passion about flying with the world via YouTube.***Any comment or speculation regarding my airline and the airport in the video will be erase and that user will be blocked permanently without prior notice***So if you know it, it's fine, but please just keep it to yourself.I've shut down the channel before for this very reason and I could do it again.Any question none related to above mentioned and constructive criticism is always welcome.All videos are raw and in full HD. I'm not going to dubbed any rock or classic music over it as all the video are intended to be educational for aviation enthusiasts and future pilots alike. This way you can hear callouts, checklist and real ambient noise just like you're sitting in the observer seat next to me. For some of you who want to see some action...you might find it boring. That could mean you're not aviation enthusiasts so you can skip to the landing part which last...few seconds?But for me.....after over two decades of flying I still can watch and enjoy the entire approach and landing as there will be something different everyday.Flying is very dynamic. As my wise flight instructor used to say, 'When you're flying jets...if you're not 3 minutes ahead of your plane, you're already behind it!'All videos are my property and copyrights. No unauthorized use is allowed.


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Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:11:42

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